TC Steakhouse by Danny

Novel Elements for the New Restaurant – Seafood RAW BAR

The combination of steaks, fresh seafood, and cocktails is the main characteristic of Manhattan restaurants. TC Steakhouse brings a new component to Xinyi business district by presenting the RAW BAR, offering seafood and cocktails to complete an authentic Manhattan-style dining experience.

Raw Bar Menu
雞尾酒蝦 Shrimp Cocktail 
單顆生豪  Oyster(each)
半打生豪 Oyster(half dozen)
血腥瑪麗生蠔 Bloody Mary Shot
生蠔三重奏 Oyster Trio
緬因州龍蝦(整隻) Lobster(whole)
緬因州龍蝦(半隻) Lobster(half)
火腿(四人份) Salami (for  4)
火腿(兩人份) Salami (for 2)